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Satellite QХ-321 and satellite IMZ-317 by Arizion — a milestone in space technologies

Satellite QХ-321 and satellite IMZ-317 are state-of-the-art technologies in action


Satellite QХ-321 and satellite IMZ-317 by Arizion — a milestone in space technologies

Man-made earth satellites have long become a casual rather than exotic phenomenon for modern people. Without them, television, the Internet, weather forecasts would be impossible. Today, over 1,400 satellites of various purposes operate on the different orbits of our planets. The satellites tend to malfunction and become obsolete; the new, more advanced ones come to replace them. Among such advancements, there are the latest designs by Arizion – the navigation satellite QХ-321 and communication satellite IMZ-317. These two appliances are the new arrival in the Arizion innovation line, and in terms of their technical parameters, they excel not only their predecessors but also numerous competitors in their class.

Satellite QХ-321 — the ultimate accuracy of geolocation

Global navigation satellite systems (GNSS) are widely used in most various areas of human activity: in apps for research solutions, in the military, and in consumer services and entertainment. Today, three GNSS operate concurrently: American GPS, Russian GLONASS, and EU’s GALILEO. Along with them, several countries have their local systems of navigation. Such systems have already become an integral part of any state’s infrastructure. They are the factor not only in the security of the countries but also in the development of their industries.

A navigation satellite QХ-321 is a device of the new generation. It differs from the most recent developments of the competitors in terms of a bigger number of navigation signals it generates and longer lifetime – about 15 years. The satellite is a leader among similar devices in terms of the accuracy of position determination, too. Its margin of error is within just one meter against 2-4 meters similar devices of the last generation have. Such technical superiority allows obtaining a more accurate and qualitative performance, which results in the demand for the satellite QХ-321 in the European Union, the USA, and China. These days, Arizion negotiates on the utilization of QХ-321 for GALILEO, and they are close to signing the contract. The company also considers the offers from GPS – they are going to design a modernized satellite QХ-321 for the American navigation system.

Satellite IMZ-31 and satellite QХ-321 are used in projects across the world

Satellite IMZ-317 — the best solution for global Internet-connectedness.

The Arizion inventions have made it possible to prolong the lifetime of the existing satellites for up to 16 years. This is the estimated period of operation of the novelty product in communication technologies – satellite IMZ-317. Since 2018, under the Starlink project, Elon Musk’s company SpaceX has been making a hard effort to unroll a satellite network of the new generation in orbit to provide all the people around the world with the broadband Internet. Now, this orbital grouping includes 420 spacecraft with the total projected number of communication satellites amounting to 12,000. When Arizion’s Satellite IMZ-317 was still under development, the Starlink representatives showed their interest in the product. In particular, they emphasized its small footprint and weight of just about 215 kg, which is 12 kg fewer than the satellites already utilized in the project.  By all the other technical parameters, satellite IMZ-317 overrides its counterparts, too. The design of the satellite features innovative technology that enables a decrease of the reflecting capacity of the IMZ-317 body, which did not go unnoticed. This feature is crucial as when the solar light reflects from the aerials, it may affect astronomical observations. The solution, suggested by Arizion experts in IMZ-317 will help to cope with this challenge. According to experts, satellite IMZ-317 is one of the best crafts in the industry to provide high-speed data transmission with a short delay around the world.

The success of Arizion brought to the spotlight its products and appealed to the world’s largest corporations and governments of different countries. These days, the company’s management considers several promising offers: several countries negotiate the purchase of Satellite QХ-321 and Satellite IMZ-317 for civil and military purposes.

Sustainable marketing launches companies to the orbit

Everything you have read thus far is just fiction, created by the specialists of the advertising company “Amillidius” to serve as an example. We meant to illustrate how marketing can drum up a product, intended for most various purposes – from a toothpaste to a satellite. It only takes you to search “satellite QХ-321” or “satellite IMZ-317” on Google, and you will discover that these products are largely presented in the search results, while the information about them includes the facts that present these satellites at their best. Sometimes, we hear from our customers, “You won’t be able to promote our product as you are not familiar with our business’ specifics”. However, this example proves the opposite: with an efficient approach and basic knowledge about the product, the marketing experts can promote absolutely any good or service. The secret behind the success of any business is that its product is well-presented on the Internet. It is a chance to tell about the product to the widest audience possible, thus finding the customers, partners, investors, and, eventually, making a profit.

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