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Gadget 88. Innovative Product of 2023

Founder of Gadget 88 Sargis Sargsyan


Gadget 88. Innovative Product of 2023

Do you know what vibrations are? Vibrations are the energy with which we interact with the world.

Everything and everyone around us has its unique vibration frequency. The saying “Our vibrations do not match” is not just an expression but pure truth. People with different vibrations do not understand each other, and vice versa, people with similar vibrations are good allies.

How to determine these vibrations? There is an innovative solution, a completely unique new device — Gadget 88. It is a must-have for a modern person in the conditions of a constant increase in the Earth’s vibrations. Those who are used to being guided by horoscopes should understand that constellations of the zodiac have shifted a long time ago and now an additional effective way to determine compatibility is needed! 

Gadget 88: a tool that helps you create a happy life

Gadget 88 will help you not to waste your time on difficult people, help you find the right person for a long and strong relationship, help you find the right business partner, with whom it will be easy and comfortable to work, and make you happy.

Idea behind Gadget 88

Today we met Sargis Sargsyan, a creator of an innovative product called Gadget 88, that shows compatibility with business partners, loved ones, or friends. He told us about its main idea, design, implementation.

How did this idea of creating a gadget come about?

Very often I hear from friends: “I’m so lonely, I can’t find a soulmate.”

I’ve encountered it when my project starts with new partners, however, work does not go well. Like you have been jinxed. Everyone has probably come across situations when you meet someone, everything looks not bad, yet he somehow pushes you away, you don’t understand why. After all, you like his appearance. He is neatly dressed.

I thought: “I wish it was such a device that determines compatibility between individuals.” I delved into this topic, talked to physicists, then realized that people’s vibrations must match so connections between them exist. It doesn’t matter if it’s love, business, or friendship.

Sargis Sargsyan about Gadget 88 - an innovative product to determine compatibility

Sargis Sargsyan about Gadget 88 – an innovative product to determine compatibility

One can find programs that determine compatibility between men and women, right?

Yes. Yet one should install a program, register, enter his data, afterwards partner’s data.

Gadget 88 is a beautiful, convenient device always at hand. Our product will show compatibility in several seconds. Do you feel the difference?

Fascinating! How does it work?

You should just press the gadget’s button, put it on your wrist, later on another person’s wrist. Thus, you will see either a green light for your relationship or a red one indicating that it is worth considering.

Important information! Gadget 88 is not a panacea, but only advice to listen, pay attention to compatibility with your partner. It’s like horoscopes that often say that you should not stay together, as you don’t suit each other, nevertheless, many couples create families. I don’t know how happy they are, but they live together (Laughs).

When will Gadget hit the market?

We’ve created a prototype and are collecting additional investments on Kickstarter. I am sure that sponsors will help implement our project. At 2023 end, everyone will see our Gadget 88.

Gadget 88 sounds very interesting. Who invented this name?

Firstly, 8 is an infinity sign. Gadget 88’s message is to unite couples, business partners, etc forever. Secondly, this is the special number that accompanies me: birthday, important dates…

Gadget 88 looks very simple, but at the same time stylish. Did you work on the design yourself?

I suppose you feel my inspiration. This project’s design, implementation is our entire team’s merit. Physicists made “filling”. Honestly, I don’t know much about it. Definitely, I delved into this direction to control the project implementation process.

The design idea belongs to me. I wanted Gadget 88 to be as comfortable as possible, nice, shameless to wear, perhaps as a key fob. Our gadget has a convenient ring that can be worn with house or car keys. We created our gadget in three colors (gold, silver, pink) and encrusted more luxurious segments with precious stones.

Are you planning to create any compatibility apps?

Yes, we’re already working on making sure that people who are far from each other can test compatibility. We have big plans for Gadget 88 and not going to stop at only devices and apps.

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