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Marie Smirnova – a neo-generation rising star conquers the public’s heart

Marie Smirnova - a neo-generation rising star conquers the public’s heart


Marie Smirnova – a neo-generation rising star conquers the public’s heart

Marie Smirnova is a young neo-generation Ukrainian singer, a project of the producer, socialite, author, screenwriter and director Katherina Makedonskaya-Borodina.

Qua a singer Marie Smirnova started her star journey 8 years ago. That was how much time it took for the girl to realize the desire of making music as her life goal. Marie is 16. Being a well-mannered, well-read, intelligent, and sophisticated girl, Marie Smirnova has many interests and hobbies. Vocals, dancing, equestrian sports, and sports in general, are just a small part of Marie Smirnova’s passions.

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Marie Smirnova. Biography

Eight years ago the future singer Marie Smirnova came to study vocals with a wonderful mentor, a true professional in her field Mariya Zeybel-Spivak. During all this time Masha has been developing her voice according to Maria Zeybel-Spivak’s teaching methods.

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The young singer took part in numerous song contests and won prizes in Ukraine and abroad. The audience liked the young singer Marie Smirnova very much; representatives of culture and show business met her with delight. Everyone said that it was the right time for Masha to move towards the big stage. So once Mariya Zeybel-Spivak introduced the future star to Katherina Makedonskaya-Borodina, who was inspired by Maria’s amazing vocals and became her producer. Later, a famous producer, chief editor of the Fostylen gloss, and marketer Elvira Gavrilova took up the young talent too.

Marie Smirnova. Creative path

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At the present point of her creative development, Marie Smirnova has already recorded 4 songs and filmed a video for the “Believe” track. By the new year Masha and her team are planning to present the first English-Ukrainian album. Now Katherina Makedonskaya-Borodina is working actively over the style, the image, and the album of Marie Smirnova intending to enter the international market in the close future. Also the singer’s vocal concept is being developed by her producer together with the sound producer Dmitriy Nikolov.

Besides Marie Smirnova’s vision of herself on stage with a microphone, she would like to connect her career with theater, cinematography and television.

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Returning to the video, we should note that Marie Smirnova is progressively working on new videos now. The presentation of the first video for the  “Believe” track in Odessa, held on July 22, was a splash. Soon it will be held in Kyiv with an even greater scale. The video work “Believe” has already received a huge number of views on YouTube. The filming took place in the “Eskadron” equestrian club. The video was filmed based on Maria’s great love for horses. ZARINA jewelry house, whose brand face Masha is, as well as the Ukrainian-Georgian MariGe brand became the partners of the video making.

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Recently, the neo-generation singer Marie Smirnova turned to the face of the new Fostylen magazine, the rebranding of the Financoff business gloss. Fostylen’s co-owner and chief editor Elvira Gavrilova also believed in Marie Smirnova’s success. She contributes to the young singer’s promotion in all possible ways.

We are following Marie Smirnova’s career with the great attention and we are looking forward to her new songs and video works.

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