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Amillidius: reviews on consistent marketing in action

Marketing by Amillidius reviews and opinions


Amillidius: reviews on consistent marketing in action

A promising idea and the availability of start-up capital still give no guarantee of business success. Some manage to develop their business and even get ahead of competitors, while the others are back at the bottom of the ladder. What’s the secret? In most cases, the reason for the failure of entrepreneurs is a frivolous approach to marketing. The advertising company Amillidius has been effectively fighting this negative trend for a long time. Amillidius helps companies build a strong brand, expand their customer base and become a leader in their field. Customers unanimously agree that consistent marketing is the real jet fuel for business development!

Amillidius is a systematic approach to creating and promoting a brand

Modern marketing is one of the cornerstones of any business activity. And an impeccable reputation and brand awareness are key success factors. Amillidius is an advertising company that helps companies lead the way to success with a systematic marketing approach.

Consistent marketing is a set of methods and tools integrated into a single system to achieve specific business goals. Choosing this path for your company, you need to entrust the implementation of the planned tasks only to professionals working in a centralized manner. The best choice is a wide range of marketing services provided by the advertising company Amillidius. Reviews from happy customers attract new customers to the company.

Branding with Amillidius, reviews of customers

Marketing by Amillidius: reviews, goals, opportunities

The Amillidius team consists of professionals in various fields: SEO, SERM, SMM, Production, Design, IT & WEB, Sales, PR, Creative. The list of the services includes

  • brand creation or rebranding (positioning, development of a design concept and communication strategy);
  • brand management;
  • development and implementation of a new product line, as well as an upgrade of an existing one;
  • Product Passport creation;
  • Sales Book сreation and training for the sales department;
  • Amillidius production studio — professional video content production.

One of Amillidius’ important advantages is that it is a team of practitioners — all the strategies developed for the customers can be put into practice by specialists from different areas. And reviews from grateful customers guides and motivates Amillidius employees.

Effective marketing with Amillidius

Brand creation and implementation with Amillidius. Reviews

Brand creation and implementation are one of the most demanded services of the advertising company Amillidius. Reviews of those who have already used this service tell about the high caliber of the brand managers of the advertising company.

When starting to create a brand, marketers carefully study the scope of the company, analyze competitors and target audience. Differences from competitors and the company’s advantages become the basis for specialists at Amillidius. Reviews and comments of the customers are also taken into account — they help to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the company.

Brand managers begin their work with a description of the brand’s mission and philosophy. A creative approach to the work on the name implies that naming should reflect the idea of the business and its philosophy. This is the most important part of creating a company’s positive image. The corporate identity, logo, color palette, original fonts are the tasks facing the designers at Amillidius. Reviews and statistics show how important the company’s website is for any business today — designers, copywriters, and programmers work on its creation.

Brand book is the basis of a successful business

All these components (the ideological part and the design concept) become the basis of the company’s brand book — the most important document that underlies the creation of a brand. To create a recognizable brand and synchronize the work of all departments of the company, its partners, and customers, such instructions for working with the brand are of paramount importance. They understand it well at Amillidius. Reviews from the customers, who created and promoted their brands, based on the brand books from Amillidius, indicate that this document simplifies the work greatly and saves time and money.

The brand book contains a description of the business area, its target audience, and, on top of that, development strategies. There is also a legal part, if necessary. Entrepreneurs who plan to sell a franchise or enter overseas markets must copyright all brand components. At this stage, the Amillidius legal department is involved in the development of the brand book. Entrepreneurs’ reviews agree that a brand book is of great importance for any company since this document contains the foundation for the development, promotion, and support of the brand. And Amillidius specialists will help build such a foundation.

Amillidius: reviews, tasks, opportunities

Reviews confirm: Product Passport is a unique service by Amillidius

Reviews of the customers indicate that any product or service that companies offer to a client needs promotion. Even the most unique product will not be in demand until information about it reaches a potential client. In addition, the product loses its relevance over time, therefore, for sales to continue, you need to introduce new ones to the market regularly. Amillidius helps its customers solve these problems. Customer reviews testify to the high efficiency of the company’s methods in this area.

Amillidius offers yet another unique service – a Product Passport. This document contains all the information about the company’s product and the rules for its positioning, which become the foundation for building the advertising campaign. The Product Passport lists its key characteristics, starting from the composition and ending with its price and target audience, it contains all its features and benefits. Design concept variants and new product introduction are also an integral part of the services that customers receive from Amillidius. Reviews of the customers confirm the effectiveness of the work of specialists from different areas of the Amillidius company once again. Indeed, thanks to the range of services Amillilius offers for product promotion, potential buyers distinguish it from the boatload of similar goods or services and choose it over the others.

Sales Book by Amillidius

Amillidius helps a business increase sales not only by improving the company’s image and advertising products but also by influencing the organization of the sales process. One of Amillidius’ services in this area is the creation of the Sales Book. This is a detailed instruction for the customer’s sales team. This document includes basic data about the business itself, its products, and features concerning competitors.

One of the sections of the Sales Book contains scenarios and sales scripts. In another section, corporate standards are spelled out, which describe the employees’ appearance, the points of sale design, and their technical equipment.

Training organization for employees of the customer’s sales department, as well as coaching in conducting training for other specialists of the company — this is also one of the services by Amillidius. Reviews confirm that creating a Book for the sales department increases the efficiency of the entire company as a whole.

5 overview of the advertising company amillidius

Amillidius production studio

Among the services of the advertising company Amillidius, I would like to single out a production studio. Being the main trend of modern marketing today, video is one of the key tools for promoting a brand and company products. Video content can create a positive image, attract a new audience and keep the old one. Such popularity of video is explained by the fact that information from videos is much easier for people to digest than text. Videos evoke more emotion and  convey business messages better.

Amillidius production studio creates high-quality video content for its clients using the most modern equipment. The company’s professionals will offer the best video option for the client’s tasks, write an original script and create a video as soon as possible.

In the arsenal of the production studio there are:

  • promotional videos;
  • music videos;
  • short and full-length films and series (branded films).

Amillidius Production has now completed work on the short film “The Incident at Wall Street Hotel”, starring Hollywood star Eric Roberts. Famous Ukrainian actors and amateurs also starred in this film. As a result, the film by Amillidius became a tool for promoting the brand of Anastasiia Bondarchuk, a Ukrainian model. The Wall Street hotel also received its dividends — the flow of customers to the hotel, which was shown in the movies,  increased immediately.

Amillidius: reviews of the customers about the company

Customers’ reviews about Amillidius propels the advertising campaign. Clients share their experience of cooperation with the company, speak about their successes and achievements. And they indicate that the most important role in this was played by professional help of the marketers from Amillidius. Reviews, which are written about this company, testify to the great experience, productive work, high reliability, and trust of customers from various fields.

What exactly attracts customers to Amillidius? Reviews indicate that these are, first of all, our developments, effective use of advanced marketing technologies, and focus on results. The advertising company Amillidius is ready to provide all this to your business. Satisfied customers’ reviews, which can be read in large numbers on forums and specialized sites, will help you make a decision and contact Amillidius to raise your business to a new level. Remember — your business’s success depends on consistent marketing. And consistent marketing is the advertising company Amillidius!

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