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Zuckerberg Critiques Apple’s Vision Pro in Favor of Meta Quest 3



Zuckerberg Critiques Apple’s Vision Pro in Favor of Meta Quest 3

Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Meta, has openly criticized Apple’s latest mixed reality headset, the Vision Pro, arguing that Meta’s Quest 3 offers superior value and functionality. In a candid video, Zuckerberg utilized the Quest 3’s passthrough feature to make his point, suggesting that despite the higher price tag of Apple’s product, it does not necessarily equate to better quality.

The Battle of the Headsets

Passthrough technology, which allows users to see their real-world surroundings while wearing the headset, is at the heart of Zuckerberg’s critique. This feature is crucial for enhancing user safety and convenience during movement and exercise. Despite Apple’s Vision Pro gaining media attention and celebrity endorsements, Zuckerberg insists that Meta’s Quest 3 is “the best product, period,” citing its superior performance in most use cases.

Price vs. Performance

Zuckerberg expressed surprise at the perception that Apple’s product might be of higher quality simply because of its brand reputation and significantly higher cost. He highlighted the Meta Quest 3’s advantages, including its lighter weight, absence of cumbersome wires, wider field of view, and potentially brighter screen. Although conceding that the Vision Pro boasts a higher resolution and superior eye-tracking capabilities, Zuckerberg pointed out several compromises Apple had to make in other areas.

Open vs. Closed Models

The Meta CEO also took the opportunity to discuss the broader implications of mixed reality technology’s future, emphasizing the ongoing debate between open and closed models of computing. Zuckerberg argued that, unlike the mobile era where Apple’s closed model prevailed, he aspires for Meta to champion an open model in the next generation of computing, ensuring a more inclusive and accessible technological landscape.

Mixed Reactions

The rivalry between Meta and Apple highlights the competitive nature of the mixed reality market, with each company vying for leadership through innovation and consumer appeal. As the industry evolves, the choices made by these tech giants will significantly shape the future of virtual and augmented reality experiences, with users ultimately benefiting from the advancements in technology and design.

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