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VORZHEVA performs a track by a German author.



VORZHEVA performs a track by a German author.

Ukrainian singer VORZHEVA is gearing up to conquer Europe with her new track “GO FOR IT”.

This song has the power to impress even the most discerning listeners. The combination of mystical 80s vibrations with a philosophical reflection of the present is what makes this track so unique. VORZHEVA not only sings the song but pours her soul and energy into it, creating a musical piece capable of touching every heart.

“This song is special to me. It’s an example of how music performs real magic. It heals. An example of when coincidences or fate create something very beautiful and powerful. And destiny cannot be avoided,” shares the singer.

But “GO FOR IT” is not just a song; it’s a call to action, a brave step forward towards one’s dreams. Seeing victory and harmony in the future, VORZHEVA dedicates this track to Ukraine’s victory, which will surely come, offering listeners not only music but also inspiration.

“I had no expectations. I was broken, and I wasn’t into show business. I was almost sure that I wouldn’t like anything and I would refuse. It was ‘out of time’. However, when the German author – Ricarda Jo Eidmann, told me about her dream, showed me the song, everything fell into place. It lifted my spirits. Mystical, philosophical, deep. As if the universe had prepared it for me. It was a flight back to those carefree times we miss so much,” VORZHEVA recounts.

The video shoot for the song took place in Hanover. In the pavilion where the famous band Scorpions filmed the video for their last album. 

The singer was impressed by the synergy with the team, especially the scale of the shoot. Director Kai-Ole Petersen used real Hollywood smoke and lots of light in the pavilion. And the compositional basis was a piano, creating a separate universe for the singer.

From the first day of the full-scale invasion, the singer has been actively engaged in volunteering and activities in Germany, where she traveled, made modeling, helping to spread the truth about the war in Ukraine. Considers it her mission.


The track “GO FOR IT” is already available on all music platforms.

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