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This stock needs to find out its calling

This stock needs to find out its calling


This stock needs to find out its calling


Signet Jewelers Ltd.: “I think Signet’s really gotta find its calling. It needs to find out its calling, ’cause it sure wasn’t calling in that last quarter. We gotta wait.”

Funko Inc.: “The reason why they’re all over the place [is] ’cause they have some of the absolute best toys … I’m not just saying Funko’s great because this is available in no store. But I have to tell you, I think Funko is gonna have a good quarter and I like the fact that they got that Disney calendar … So I say [buy].”

Marvell Technology Group Ltd.: “You know what. I’m partial to Marvell. I happen to like the board. I think they’re trying to make something happen. [Buy].”

Tailored Brands Inc.: “I have to tell you no. It’s about five sizes too small. I don’t want you to touch this one.”

Abiomed Inc.: “I think that even in the sell-off for health care devices, it still went up. You can’t keep a good stock down. I also like EW.”

Kraft Heinz Co.: “They cut the dividend. They got very little growth. They have food that lasts even in the event of thermonuclear war. I am not a buyer of Kraft Heinz … I actually prefer Campbell to Kraft Heinz, and that says something.”

AllianecBerstein Holding LP: “Big yield. Looks good.”

Moderna Inc.: “I think it makes a lot of sense … I think it’s a good place to start a position.”


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