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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 photos leaked

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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 photos leaked


The day’s first SK Telecom 5G customer shows his new Samsung Galaxy S10 5G smartphone during a launch event at an SK Telecom shop in Seoul on April 5, 2019.

Jung Yeon-Je | AFP | Getty Images

Samsung will reveal the Galaxy Note 10 smartphone on August 7.

But fans don’t need to wait until next month to see the phone for the first time — photos of the device have already been published by the Federal Communications Commission.

On Thursday, the FCC published routine certification documents on Samsung’s upcoming high-end smartphone. One document, focusing on the testing environment, included several photos of the unannounced device.

The images reveal that the Galaxy Note 10 will not include a headphone jack, following a trend set by Apple in 2016, when it removed headphone jacks from the iPhone 7 and then from subsequent devices.

It will include a triple-lens camera, according to the photos. The documents indicate that this specific model will not support 5G, but Samsung is expected to release multiple models of this device.

Samsung didn’t immediately return a request for comment.

The Galaxy Note is positioned by Samsung to compete directly against Apple’s iPhones in the U.S. in the premium smartphone market. Its distinguishing feature is a stylus that Samsung calls “S-Pen” and a large screen. It’s typically released in the late summer.

Last year’s model, the Galaxy Note 9, sported a starting price of $999 when it was released last August.

Samsung shipped more smartphones than any other company in 2018, beating Apple and Huawei, according to data from research firm IDC.

It appears that either the FCC or Samsung made a mistake when uploading the document with the photos. The photos are no longer available on the FCC website but have been saved on sites that mirror the database.

FCC certification is required by the U.S. government for every device sold in the U.S. that can connect to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or cellular networks. Samsung asked the FCC for confidentiality in a June 27 letter so that photos and other information stay private until the device is officially launched.

Correction: A previous version of this story gave an incorrect date for Apple’s removal of headphone jacks.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 9

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