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Pete Davidson Joins Forces with Totino’s for Game-Day Snacking Revolution

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Pete Davidson Joins Forces with Totino’s for Game-Day Snacking Revolution

In a humorous twist to traditional game-day snacking, Totino’s Pizza Rolls has collaborated with famed comedian Pete Davidson to launch a new campaign. This initiative, just in time for the Super Bowl, introduces a fun alternative to the usual pizza offerings during football watch parties.

Published on January 8, 2024, the campaign, developed in collaboration with Dentsu Creative, features Davidson advocating for the convenience and taste of Totino’s bite-sized pizza rolls. This campaign includes two commercials where Davidson humorously emphasizes the advantages of Totino’s over the typical ‘flat’ pizza usually ordered during the Super Bowl.

The first ad, titled “Pete’s Pregame,” humorously depicts Davidson looking at a neighbor juggling several pizza boxes, sparking a witty commentary on the ease of Totino’s Pizza Rolls. The second, “Pete’s Za Party,” showcases Davidson’s unique game-day celebration, complete with a custom-built pizza roll conveyor belt integrated into his living room setup. Davidson’s involvement in this campaign adds to his growing portfolio of advertising partnerships, which includes brands like Taco Bell, Manscaped, and Smartwater.

Adding a multicultural dimension to its marketing strategy, Totino’s has also partnered with the hot sauce brand Tapatio for a special segment during the Spanish broadcast of the Super Bowl on Univision. This marks a significant shift from the previous years when the Spanish broadcast was on ESPN Deportes. The collaboration also introduces Totino’s first-ever Spanish-language ad spot, “Hang Time,” featuring a pizza delivery encounter that turns into an impromptu pizza roll party. This move aligns with Totino’s strategy to broaden its appeal among diverse audiences, mirroring efforts by other major brands like TurboTax, McDonald’s, and Lexus.

The campaign’s timing is impeccable, considering the huge popularity of pizza during the Super Bowl. Last year’s game saw an estimated 12.5 million pizzas sold, highlighting the potential market for Totino’s during this high-profile event.

Totino’s campaign with Pete Davidson is part of a larger trend of brands leveraging celebrity endorsements and creative advertising strategies ahead of the Super Bowl. Other notable initiatives include Bounty Paper Towels’ social media campaign featuring NFL legends and Bud Light’s collaboration with Peyton Manning and Emmitt Smith for the brand’s most extensive Super Bowl ticket giveaway.

This year’s Super Bowl advertising landscape is buzzing with excitement, as CBS reported nearly selling out all its advertising slots by early November. Brands like Mtn Dew, Oreo, BetMGM, and Molson Coors are among those who have secured spots, with 30-second ads fetching prices as high as $7 million. Totino’s innovative approach with Pete Davidson is set to make a memorable impact in this highly competitive advertising arena.

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