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Brunei Celebrates Royal Wedding: Prince Abdul Mateen Marries in Grand 10-Day Event

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Brunei Celebrates Royal Wedding: Prince Abdul Mateen Marries in Grand 10-Day Event

Brunei’s renowned Prince Abdul Mateen, the Sultan’s fourth son and tenth child, has recently wed Yang Mulia Anisha Rosnah in a grandiose 10-day celebration. Known for being one of Asia’s most eligible bachelors, the 32-year-old prince’s nuptials with the 29-year-old businesswoman and fashion entrepreneur commenced on January 7, culminating in a dazzling ceremony on January 14.

The wedding, a blend of tradition and opulence, was held at the magnificent Istana Nurul Iman palace. Prince Mateen donned a ceremonial uniform, while his bride, the granddaughter of one of the Sultan of Brunei’s special advisers, was radiant in a long white dress adorned with sparkling jewels. The event attracted a plethora of dignitaries, including government officials and royals from across Asia and the Middle East, with an estimated 5,000 guests in attendance.

The highlight of the festivities was the couple’s first public procession through the capital’s streets, where they greeted thousands of onlookers. The prince, sporting a black suit and blue tie, and his bride in a white gown with silver diamonds, delighted the crowd, who were also treated to free ice cream during the parade.

A key moment in the celebrations was the Islamic solemnisation ceremony at the gold-domed Omar Ali Saifuddien Mosque. Prince Mateen, in traditional white attire with diamond-shaped motifs, participated in the male-only ceremony, where the Sultan and other relatives witnessed the formalisation of the marriage.

The wedding showcased Brunei’s immense wealth, derived largely from its vast oil reserves. An absolute monarchy adhering to strict Islamic laws, Brunei is known for its affluence and tranquility, a stark contrast to the prince’s vibrant social media presence.

Prince Mateen, a popular figure on Instagram with over 2.5 million followers, is renowned for sharing his extravagant lifestyle, featuring polo matches, luxury hotel stays, and private jet travels. His New Year’s post with his then-fiancée garnered comments reflecting fans’ mixed emotions over his impending nuptials.

Despite his luxurious lifestyle, Prince Mateen, who also serves as a helicopter pilot in Brunei’s air force, has expressed a preference for a simpler life, focusing on his passions and spending time with family and friends. His wedding to Anisha Rosnah marks a new chapter in the life of Brunei’s beloved prince, celebrated not just for his royal status but also for his charismatic persona and dedication to his nation.

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