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New location: Pearl’Amour restaurant/bar is the discovery of the year

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New location: Pearl’Amour restaurant/bar is the discovery of the year

Recently, a new Pearl’Amour restaurant/bar opened its doors in Lisbon, where diners can enjoy dishes inspired by seasonal tastes. The owner of the restaurant, Ines Obykhod, takes care of creating exquisite tastes.

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“Our goal in opening this restaurant was to create a place where families, business partners, and groups of friends, as well as anyone who wants to enjoy gourmet food, can enjoy cooked dishes in a leisurely atmosphere, inspired by the tranquil surroundings of Lisbon. In the field of tastes, we focus both on seasonal trends, which we serve in an extraordinary way, and on a wide offer of Portuguese cuisine,” the restaurant team shared with us.

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Pearl’Amour restaurant/bar menu features regional favorites, a wide selection of seafood, and a range of fine drinks. One of the more sought-after dishes is the Pearl’Amour steak, which is served with a special sauce. Be sure that everyone will find a dish to their taste in this restaurant!


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