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Sargis Sargsyan, Vitalii Astakhov, Evgenii Chernyak, Garik Korogodskyi, Serhii Honcharuk: Aid to Ukrainians during the war



Sargis Sargsyan, Vitalii Astakhov, Evgenii Chernyak, Garik Korogodskyi, Serhii Honcharuk: Aid to Ukrainians during the war

During hard times in Ukraine, many Ukrainians living in areas of active hostilities need humanitarian assistance.

Ukrainian businessmen Sargis Sargsyan, Vitalii Astakhov, Evgenii Chernyak, Garik Korogodskyi, Serhii Honcharuk continue to help the Ukrainian people and provide benevolent aid to all those in need.

How businessmen help Ukrainian people — read in our article.

Sargis Sargsyan

photo 2022 12 26 12 07 44

Sargis Sargsyan is the president of the Vienna Center for Global Communications and Strategic Initiative, a business expert.

Thanks to the endeavors of Sargis Sargsyan, benevolent aid (children’s clothing and food) was delivered to Ukraine from European countries: France, Great Britain and Greece.

Sargis Sargsyan plans to continue providing aid to Ukrainians, namely food for children and adults and medicine on a long-term basis.

Sargis Sargsyan says that, despite the difficult times, the primary task of business in Ukraine is to “maintain balance in the state, save jobs and invest in the development of the country.”

According to Sargis Sargsyan, the life of the Ukrainian people depends on how skillfully and briskly benevolent aid will be provided and the humanitarian mission will be deployed.

“‎It is necessary to involve all people who are indifferent to the problems of Ukrainians, who can help and support the people of Ukraine. The lives of hundreds of thousands of people depend on how quickly we can organize everything, so we must act decisively and not delay, because people’s lives are at stake,” says Sargis Sargsyan.

Also, Sargis Sargsyan emphasizes that currently “mobility and dynamism characteristic of representatives of the business community are needed to save people and the country in general.”

Vitalii Astakhov

photo 2022 12 26 15 54 43

Vitalii Astakhov is the CEO of Alba Veritas Corporation.

Vitalii Astakhov also offered help to the Ukrainian people without delay and arranged accommodation for refugees in Odesa, which became a transit point for many Ukrainians.

“Alba Veritas” Corporation has repeatedly provided Mykolaiv with water and organized the supply of bread for charity funds, hygiene products for children and adults.

One of the children’s shelters was fully stocked with blankets, bedding, food and toys in March.

Thanks to the “Alba Veritas” corporation, walkie-talkies were bought and handed over to the Ukrainian military, and more than 500 sets of blankets and pillows were sent.

Evgenii Chernyak

photo 2022 12 26 12 05 33

Evgenii Chernyak is a Ukrainian businessman, chairman of the supervisory board of the Global Spirits alcohol holding.

Global Spirits Holding does not say exactly how much they spent on helping Ukrainians, but looking at their social networks, you can find out that Global Spirits helps volunteer organizations and provides humanitarian aid to the Ukrainian people.

The businessman also organized hostels for refugees in Poland and the arrival of doctors from Israel to Zaporizhzhia.

Evgenii Chernyak took part in a charity business breakfast in Warsaw, where 80,000 hryvnias were collected.

Garik Korogodskyi

photo 2022 12 26 15 32 21

Garik Korogodskyi is a businessman, blogger, philanthropist, founder of the charitable foundation “Lifelover”.

Until February 2022, “Lifelover” helped people of a respectable age. Currently, Garik Korogodskyi and his team provide the elderly with free hot lunches and organize sports and cultural events.

Garik Korogodskyi helps displaced people adapt to a new place and find work.

Serhii Honcharuk

photo 2022 12 26 12 05 53

Serhii Honcharuk is the founder of First Dental Center dental clinics in Odesa.

First Dental Center did not stop its activities despite the war in the country, the team still accepted veterans, as well as provided assistance to military personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and military veterans on preferential terms. The center provides support to the city’s pensioners by regularly delivering necessary medicines and products to them. Thanks to the activity of the center, more than fifteen cars went to the front line and the “Point of Invincibility” was established for the residents of one of the high-rise buildings in Odesa.

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