IBM brings AI-enabled chatbots to display ads with Watson Ads Builder

IBM brings AI-enabled chatbots to display ads with Watson Ads Builder

On Monday, IBM debuted Watson Ads Builder, a self-service conversational ads platform developed specifically for marketers. The new software seeks to enable digital marketers to deliver highly personalized, one-to-one interactions with consumers through display ads.

“Consumer expectations are shifting, and people expect the ability to communicate with brands on demand,” said Jeremy Hlavacek, Head of Revenue for IBM Watson Advertising. “Watson Ads Builder can change where, when and how brands connect with consumers — helping marketers increase loyalty and purchase consideration.”

Why we should care

The time and resources necessary to create conversational engagement solutions are relatively high, require specialized development skillsets and significant coding. By simplifying the development process, conversational ad platforms could position digital marketers to differentiate their brands with an engaging, personalized approach to display advertising.

Advancements in AI, natural language processing and machine learning enable smooth chatbot execution and will create new opportunities for digital marketers to engage with consumers and quickly deliver improved customer experiences. Other conversational ad platforms, including Apple Business Chat and Google’s AdLingo, also recently came to market, indicative of the shift in consumer expectations and the need for digital marketers to adjust to meet them.

More on the news

  • Later this month, IBM Watson Advertising plans to address ad fraud and brand safety as part of a panel at the upcoming 2019 Cannes Lions Festival.
  • IBM Watson advertising will host an interactive session to help marketers build chatbots and will offer them the opportunity to discuss their expectations for new marketing technologies.

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