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I think this stock is ‘dead in the water’

Wait a few days, then buy Waste Management


I think this stock is ‘dead in the water’

Thermo Fisher: “Oh my, can’t get a better company.”Kratos Defense and Security Solutions: “That’s O.K. I like that L3harris more … which I think is actually going to get a lot of business, by the way. I genuinely believe that they’re going to get a lot of business with Saudi Arabia because they have the best radar stuff.”Repligen: “I got to see how this thing went from zero to hero because I used to think it was a bow wow, so I’ve got to come back with more information. I don’t want to let you down.”HP Inc.: “I think that thing, honestly, I think it’s dead in the water … It’s not a fave anymore.”Funko: “The quarter was good, but it looks like that that was just really once the short-squeeze was alleviated, it went back down.”WATCH: Cramer’s lightning round

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