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Evarizion – a company that keeps a secret to success

Evarizion - a company that keeps a secret to success


Evarizion – a company that keeps a secret to success

The company Evarizion* is rapidly winning the market. Many have already appreciated the quality of their products and flawless service. Until recently, the name “Evarizion” didn’t ring any bell among the customers. However, thanks to the consistent marketing policy, a young and ambitious company managed to advance to the leading positions, beating its competitors. How has the company done it? A qualitative leap in development resulted from Evarizion’s focus on its brand image on the Internet. Company’s leadership realized that it takes making a name and standing out of other companies’ crowd to win in the competitive fight and make a good profit.

Evarizion: developing the brand – gaining the profit!

Brand creation is a crucial issue, asking for a consistent approach. This is the reason why Evarizion approached the professionals – the advertising company Amillidius, which successfully applies its proprietary methodology “Amileader” to create, introduce, and promote brands. For many years now, this system has proven records of excellent results in different countries.

The marketing experts created a brand’s platform where they described Evarizion’s mission and messages, its target audience, and visual attributes. Then, a positive image of the company was shaped – everyone, who can google things, can learn about all Evarizion’s achievements, about its high level of social responsibility, innovative products, and advantages of working for the company from numerous articles on different resources. A thoroughly developed content-plan provides for the timely update of the information and its relevance. Social media accounts and video on being YouTube being developed extensively, they show what the company’s life is like.

Growing business brought about new tasks for Evarizion management – the necessity to expand the staff and employ knowledgeable and committed professionals. Amillidius helped Evarizion in addressing staffing issues, too: the articles on the popular Internet portals and social media posts revealed for the vast audience the company’s image as a perfect employer. To work at Evarizion is prestigious and profitable – this was the chief message. The brand promotion efforts delivered the staffing policy success and enabled the company to engage the high-calibre professionals for top-management positions as well as establishing pooled resources.

Evarizion – the brand, gaining trust in different countries

Company Evarizion: promoting a brand and entering the international market


Consumers’ trust and loyalty is another achievement of the efficient marketing policy. They are attracted not only by the product quality and impeccable service. Intensive social media communication, engaging the customers’ into the company’s everyday life, focus on their opinion and immediate reaction to every comment boost the brand’s value and trust toward it. Meanwhile, the events, developed by the marketing experts – special offers, contests, lotteries – please the devoted fans and engage the new ones.

Going through a dynamic development, Evarizion is increasing its profit year in and year out. So, entering the international market was a very logical step forward. The interest from many overseas investors to the promising company became a factor. The invited foreign capital enabled the business to scale up, and today, Evarizion is winning both European and Asian markets. Amillidius specialists created a selling image of Evarizion brand on the resources of Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. The efficient approach made it possible to outpoint even the competitors who had entered the international market far earlier. What comes next is conquering the American market. And let there be no doubt in their success as Amilleader system has been tested and proven efficient for any country and in any business, no matter the scale.

Evarizion’s success proves how important the company’s brand is. The relevant marketing strategy provided – in short terms – for creation and introduction of the brand image, engaging new customers, and inviting international investors. This resulted in scaling-up business and higher profit. Do you want the results of your business being as high? Ask Amillidius – and you will succeed!

*The company Evarizion is fictitious. It was made up by the advertising company Amillidius as an example.

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