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Arpine Abrahamyan: happiness is the most profitable business project!

Arpine Abrahamyan: happiness is the most profitable business project!


Arpine Abrahamyan: happiness is the most profitable business project!

Arpine Abrahamyan: happiness is the most profitable business project!

A woman has always occupied and will continue to occupy one of the most important places in a man’s life.

She is successful, strong and inspiring. She energizes everyone around. She has created her own personal philosophy of happiness and is successfully implementing it. She is a loving wife and mother. She is a strict, but objective and fair leader. Under her management, people achieve success, the future is built on her ideas, everyone listens to her advice. We invite you to get to know her.

Status business woman, entrepreneur, founder and co-owner of several progressive companies Arpine Abrahamyan.

Hello, Arpine. You have a thriving business and a strong family. You have achieved everything every woman dreams of. What now? What are your goals?

There are always goals, they are always new, achievable and alluring. Life goes on, we change every day, without noticing it, but my global goals still remain unchanged: to continue to be a loved and loving wife, to help my children in their endeavors and to self-actualize, as well as to make plans and take actions that improve this world. It is important for a woman to find a balance between career and family. For me, my husband and my children have always been, are and will always be in the first place, and work is a great joy, but it cannot replace the time spent with loved ones.

Do you think you are the perfect wife?

I believe that it is more important that my husband considers me perfect. If he thinks so, then I am doing everything right.

Are you and your husband equal partners in family life? Or does anyone dominate?

My husband and I always consult with each other, listen to each other’s opinions. However, my husband is undoubtedly the head of our family. Even if I can deal with most of the issues, it is only because my husband gives me the opportunity to do it. If he is against some decision made by me, I will never act against his will, but, on the contrary, I will take his advice into account and do as he says. I respect my husband — he is an authority for me. As I often repeat, my husband has 1% of controlling shares, which decide everything, no matter how independent and active I would be in my actions. As he says so it will be. This is the least of the gratitude for maximum freedom.

Why do women need men?

To be happy not individually, but together. For women, the concept of «happiness» carries one meaning, and men put in it a slightly different meaning. The combination of these ideas creates the exemplary meaning of the concept of «happiness». It is necessary to understand each other, make a compromise and not just listen, but hear each other.

In your opinion, do men like being around a successful woman, or is women’s success a flaw in their eyes?

I believe that it is very important for a woman, like a man, to be successful in the professional field. But it is impossible to be happy without a loving family. Therefore, it is important to maintain a balance between all areas of life. Any man will be only glad to see his woman happy, realized in her business and with a smile on her face.

You often talk about the balance between career and personal life. Do you think it has become more difficult to save it today, or is it possible to keep up with everything these days?

Balance is much easier today than it used to be. But it is necessary to understand that it is impossible to be on time for everything. If you don’t give yourself time to relax, you will end up with burnout and stress. In order to avoid this, you need to love equally both your work and your body, i.e. health. Speaking of health, I mean its two components: both physical and mental. By staying calm, showing life wisdom and taking care of our body, we get more opportunities to do everything.

My prospects are the opening of a women’s club, where we will discuss and share advice on how to skillfully maintain a balance between family and business, while maintaining our femininity.

Does the attention to your person and the world’s demand to «be the best in everything» motivates you or, on the contrary, prevents you from being yourself?

Now in society there is a tendency to accept ourselves and other people as we are, without prejudice, without any framework. I support this.

You don’t need to strive to «be the best at everything» or «be better than others», you need to become the best version of yourself every new day.

Do you find time only for yourself? What do you devote this time to?

I try to live according to the established schedule, plan every day. Every day I attend meetings, solve work issues, conclude contracts, while not forgetting about an integral part of my life — about my friends. Therefore, I try to devote time to them even during the working day. I travel a lot for my business purposes, but I also manage to squeeze in joint trips with my friends.

It is an unwritten law for my husband and I to give attention and love to our children, so my morning and evening begins and ends with David and Erica. The proofs are regularly in my Instagram Stories (Laughs).

Among other things, I am a resident of two business clubs Prizma and Anklav, where I perfectly combine leisure, broadening my horizons, opening up business opportunities, making new contacts, creating alliances and collaborations.

And, in general, I love people. My loved ones charge me with energy, so I do not strive to be alone with myself more often, I strive to spend as much time as possible with my family and friends.

What is happiness for you? What does a person need to be happy?

Of course, happiness is to see light and joy in the eyes of loved ones, to feel their support and envelop them in your warmth.

For me, happiness is the most profitable business project, the best investment, because we all strive for this state, one way or another. We ourselves choose to be happy or not. We determine what happiness and truly valuable moments are for us.

Would you be able to forgive the betrayal?

I don’t think I could. Both in my personal life and in business, betrayal is a taboo for me. I appreciate reliable partners. And it seems to me that this reliability is manifested not only in how a person behaves in business, but also in how loyal they are to their loved one and their family. I pay attention to the actions of the individual in all areas of his or her existence. If a person has betrayed once, most likely, they will betray the second time. Loyalty and dedication are my prerogative.

In terms of work, what are you doing now? What are your plans?

There are many directions in the circle of my interests. For example, one of them is land development and real estate objects. I have several international projects in my plans in countries such as Bali, Portugal, UAE, Germany and Georgia.

As I said earlier, I want to start a women’s club where the fair sex can share advice and support each other. My friends often turn to me for recommendations in various areas of their life: both in the direction of career/business and with regards to family problems. Therefore, it seems to me that such a club, uniting dozens of women, is simply necessary. It is important for women to share wisdom with each other, to inspire.

I also want to try myself in public speaking and become a speaker. I have tremendous experience in financial and legal activities, and the education is appropriate, so I certainly have something to share with others.

I have many plans, it’s hard to list everything in detail at once (Smiles).

As far as I know, you are also a co-owner of several IT companies. Do you plan to develop them further?

Of course!

As a co-owner and general investor of KoliSar, which creates chatbots to serve large investment firms, government agencies, hotels, complexes, restaurants, conferences and more, I can confidently say that we will have a big breakthrough. We have a lot of ideas, we do not plan to stop there. We already have clients in Turkey, Poland, Kazakhstan, Germany and all over Ukraine. We intend to expand the geography of our activities.

As for the international company SolarGaps, of which I am a leading shareholder and lead investor, solar energy is incredibly promising these days. We manufacture solar blinds that store solar energy and charge the entire object on which they are placed. SolarGaps is a patented development of the company founded by Yevgen Eric. Today, when the issue of protecting our planet from overheating is more acute than ever, the fate of its salvation depends on each of us. Therefore, we are working to make solar energy available to everyone and to save our planet.

Do you think it is better to be the first in one area or is it preferable to try yourself in different directions and develop in different ways?

First you need to become a professional in one industry in order to be a competent specialist. Then you can try other areas of activity, try to become better in each of your endeavors.

I am not a supporter of putting all your eggs in one basket. Just as financiers recommend investing their money in different assets, I also advise to develop in different areas. A true professional can always look at and analyze things from different angles.

In one of your interviews, you said that you want to create your own clothing brand. Tell me, have you already started to develop it or is this idea still unrealized?

Right now, together with creative director Kristina Kursite, I am developing my brand, in particular business suits that can be worn both to business meetings and to parties with the Black Tie dress code.

I like functional and comfortable clothing; clothes in which you can feel confident and easy. Therefore, one of my primary tasks is to create this type of clothing.

Is clothing style important in business?

Everyone knows that clothes do not make the man. Nevertheless, it cannot be denied that the correct presentation plays an important role. Before we say anything or make an unconscious gesture, our clothes have already said a lot about the level of our professionalism, seriousness and dedication to work.

What is fashion for you?

Fashion is, first of all, a way of personal self-expression. What a person is wearing, first of all, expresses their inner feelings and sensations. Fashion must be approached carefully, because it can change not only feelings, but also the essence of a person. Personally, I prefer to make my own fashion, and not adapt to the dictates of other people’s thoughts.

What is your recipe for success?

In honesty, first of all, with yourself. And in faith. I believe in myself and in what I do.

This is the key to success and development.

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