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Why I’m staying away from most auto stocks

This stock is at a great level to buy more


Why I’m staying away from most auto stocks


Textron Inc.: “Textron reported an upside surprise. I figured the stock would have some staying power. No, it just went right back down and that’s why I say [don’t buy.”

Halliburton Co.: “Is it time to move into the house of pain? I don’t know. I don’t even want to sublet there.”

Eagle Pharmaceuticals Inc.: “I think nothing of it. I don’t like the specialty pharmas at all. Let’s take a big ole pass on that one.”

Six Flags Entertainment Corp.: “Inconsistent.” Inc.: “No. You know, I’ve been thinking about what [Zuora CEO] Tien Tzuo said tonight about the subscription economy. We’re gonna lay low from any car company that’s not perfect. That’s pristine and perfect.”

Micron Technology Inc.: “[CEO] Sanjay Mehrotra is a guy I like. Now, they’re not gonna probably do that number, or else the multiple wouldn’t be so low. That’s usually a sign that the earnings are not gonna be there. That said, I think people are gonna look through it. That’s why I would say don’t buy here. If it goes back to 39, [buy]. You just gotta give it a little room because I don’t think they’re gonna make the quarter.”

Church & Dwight Co. Inc.: “Yeah, Church & Dwight’s doing some acquisitions, doing some small things. You know, when I’m in that consumer package goods, I like Procter [& Gamble], I like Estee Lauder, and, you know what, we might be able to take a flier on Colgate — I bet you it’s a good quarter.”

Aflac Inc.: “O.K., here’s my rap on Aflac. It’s been the same for about a decade. It goes up nicely over time, and I tell ya that’s not a bad thing to say. It goes up nicely over time.”


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