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This stock is at a great level to buy more

This stock is at a great level to buy more


This stock is at a great level to buy more


Tandem Diabetes Care Inc.: “Right here, yes. Right here. Remember we had them on — of course you do — and you know how good I thought they were. And I think this is a great level to buy some more.”

Electronic Arts Inc.: “We’re gonna say that that came and went, and we’re not gonna pull the trigger.”

Orbcomm Inc.: “I don’t know that one, but if it’s anything like the company that we hit on very recently when we had Matt Desch on, the Iridium [CEO], well it could be great ’cause we think Iridium is great. So, let’s do some homework before we come back.”

Aurora Cannabis Inc.: “I’m gonna have to default to Canopy and Cronos. I know people have been saying, ‘Jim, will you please entertain more companies?’ I like to entertain the companies that I think have been very good and continue to be good.”

Pacwest Bancorp: “Yeah, it’s not bad. It’s got a good yield, but the banks haven’t been doing that well. If you … wanna just get that good yield, I’m endorsing for that but not much else.”

Yeti Holdings Inc.: “That’s a decent level to buy some, because we think Yeti — we’ve liked it since it was $15 and we like it again right now.”


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