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Sweden finds Europe’s largest deposit of rare earth metals

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Sweden finds Europe’s largest deposit of rare earth metals

In the north of Sweden, near the city of Kiruna, a large deposit of rare metals was discovered, which is most likely the largest known in Europe.

The mining company LKAB said that deposits were found near one of its operating mines, we can talk about a million tons of raw materials.

“This is the largest known deposit of rare metals in our part of the world and it can significantly help to obtain raw materials that are critical for the green transition. There are problems with supplies, and without mining it is impossible to build new electric vehicles,” said Jan Moström, CEO of the company. . This raw material is also necessary for the components of wind farms.

Business and Energy Secretary Ebba Bush said the new deposits will play a key role in Europe’s green transition.

“This is a very big potential for Europe to become the leader of the “green transition”. We will be able to reduce emissions and increase competition,” she said.


Now the metals needed to make electric vehicles and wind turbines come from China. They see the risks that China, for economic or political reasons, may refuse to supply raw materials, offering only finished products.

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