Supermetrics for BigQuery launches on Google Cloud Platform Marketplace

Supermetrics for BigQuery launches on Google Cloud Platform Marketplace

Supermetrics for BigQuery enables marketers to bring together cross-channel marketing metrics in one platform.

Supermetrics has launched a connector for BigQuery, promising a “plug-and-play” solution for marketers to compile cross-channel campaign and analytics data with just a few clicks.

What it does. Supermetrics for BigQuery is designed to bring data from multiple marketing platforms into BigQuery — effectively setting up a BigQuery data warehouse without having to write code or SQL or rely on developer resources.

“This new product complements our existing offering by providing a robust, enterprise-scale data pipeline into the most powerful data warehouse out there, Google BigQuery,” said Mikael Thuneberg, founder and CEO of Supermetrics, in a statement.

Why we should care. The ultimate goal is to be able to make better decisions about marketing allocations faster. Getting data from multiple channels into one place where it can be analyzed is often a big headache for marketers. Eliminating the need to know how to code or write SQL, or rely on programmers and developers to create the data warehouse, means just about anyone on your marketing team might be able to get this going. Of course, you’ll need to be using BigQuery.

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