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Stella McCartney Sends a ‘Gentle Reminder’ on Fashion’s Environmental Impact at Paris Show



Stella McCartney Sends a ‘Gentle Reminder’ on Fashion’s Environmental Impact at Paris Show

Stella McCartney captivated her audience with a poignant message on fashion’s environmental impact during her winter runway presentation in Paris. Amidst the serene backdrop of a giant greenhouse in a Paris park, McCartney showcased a collection crafted from recycled wool, nylon, cotton, and polyester under the bright sunlight.

As images of melting icebergs flashed on screens and Olivia Colman’s voice echoed through the venue, representing Mother Earth, McCartney posed a thought-provoking question: “what will be left of me, after you?” Models strutted down the runway adorned in loosely-tailored suits, silky dresses, and leather-like trench coats made from apple-based material, emphasizing both style and sustainability.

Following the show, McCartney engaged with guests, including notable figures like father Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Paris Jackson, and Charlotte Rampling, before addressing journalists. Amidst inquiries about the environment, McCartney emphasized her preference for positivity over anger in messaging, acknowledging fashion’s status as one of the most harmful industries on the planet.

“It is one of the most harmful industries on the planet, and we’re acting like it isn’t,” McCartney remarked, emphasizing the need for a “polite reminder” and offering solutions to mitigate fashion’s environmental impact. Antonio Belloni, managing director of LVMH, described McCartney as a “muse” for the luxury group on environmental topics, citing her long-standing commitment to sustainability.

Since founding her label in 2001, McCartney has remained steadfast in her pledge not to use leather or fur, a stance that aligns with her vision for ethical and sustainable fashion. Joining LVMH in 2019, McCartney continues to push boundaries and advocate for change within the industry.

As Paris Fashion Week unfolds, McCartney’s showcase serves as a compelling reminder of the importance of environmental consciousness in fashion. With big-name labels like Chanel and Louis Vuitton set to close the event, McCartney’s message resonates as a call to action for a more sustainable future in fashion.

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