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Konstantin Skoptsov: Art as a doorway between the worlds

Konstantin Skoptsov — creator of the Semantic Realism style


Konstantin Skoptsov: Art as a doorway between the worlds

Konstantin Skoptsov is arguably one of the most mysterious artists of our times. His virtuous graphic drawings allow the viewer to immerse in the world of characters, symbols and metaphors, most of them – unusual, some frightening and inexplicable. The pieces Konstantin creates defy limited perception and clichés. The creatures of many arms, misplaced heads and even eyes without a face- the first impression might scare, even repulse. After all, it is a natural human tendency to be fearful of what we cannot understand. However, what happens if we go beyond the initial fear? After a mere moment of careful observation we find ourselves lured in, what initially seemed to be chaotic suddenly turns out to be a flawless captivating structure.

«Bosch from Odessa» simultaneously instils fear, draws admiration and is thought — provoking

Konstantin follows in the footsteps of such masters as Hieronymus Bosch and Pieter Bruegel the Elder. He believes they are “connected with the invisible thread” and both worked towards discovering the connection between the Man and the Divine. “I too, am striving towards that goal, even though I dare not compare myself to the Patriarchs “- adds Konstantin humbly. The artist states that the desire to understand God has become the cornerstone of his signature art style-Semantic Realism. “Why Realism?” – One might ask. His phantasmagoric artworks are more reminiscent of a dream than reality. The answer lies in looking deeply into the past, as far as Biblical times, when frequently the most sacred knowledge was only available to those, who had been familiarized with the language of hidden signs and allegories. As a follower of that tradition, Konstantin encourages the viewer to look deeper, to get completely immersed into the world of Semantics and to try to understand the true meaning behind the symbolic images. There is a deep philosophical meaning behind such an approach to art. “To lead the viewer from the darkness to the light of knowledge – that is an ultimate goal of a true Artist” – states Konstantin.

Solo Exhibition «Path of the Symbol» in Wall Street Business Center, Odessa, Ukraine, 2018

The key to understanding Konstantin’s artwork are three main principles used to create them. Those are the ancient guidelines to reading and comprehending the esoteric imagery of the past:

The Journey

Look at the imagery. Find the starting point and follow the flow of the art from character to character, from symbol to symbol.

The Dialogue

Throughout your “journey” find the never-ending interaction between the characters – they are in the perpetual dialogue with each other.

The Symbolism

After carefully studying the symbols of each dialogue eventually, you obtain the ability to “read” the figures, to decode the meaning behind each character. Gradually the artwork will open up its true meaning.

Konstantin Skoptsov: the rebirth of Library Art

It is, of course, not essential to be a Master’s Degree in Arts holder to admire the aesthetics of the marvelous pieces Konstantin creates. Eventually every viewer finds his or her own personal meaning. In addition looking through the intricate details initiates powerful intellectual processes such as logical reasoning, fantasy and memory, signifying Library Art genre, a direct opposite to the “popular” art. The revolution of 1917 had left this genre almost entirely eliminated altogether with the intellectual elite of the time and even the concept of the house library, leaving the scarce art pieces settled in museums. Yet the true place of worship and appreciation of this art form remains the same – the place of intellectual activity, place where the decisions are made, the ideas turn into realities – the offices and private libraries.

Konstantin Skoptsov — member of many art associations of the world

Konstantin’s artworks reveal their true potential in the places like that. The powerful and motivational charge they carry had been long appreciated by such avid art patrons as Anatoli Dymchuk and Viktor Bogatyrev, the founder of the legendary “Krymski Val” Gallery Michail Cherepashinec, Gennadi Chizhikov, the decorated Ukrainian economist, Michail Pustovoit – the president of the Kiev institute of Psychology, President of Ukrainian association of Kyokushinkai Karate Sergei Lukyanchinkov, bodybuilding champion Oleg Zhour, famous track athlete and Hero of Ukraine Sergei Bubka and many other Business, Sports and Intellectual celebrities.

Konstantin Skoptsov’s art captivates not only those of us who had been intimately familiar with the esoteric and symbolic world but also everyone who is on the way of exploring it. Artist’s website allows to view the artwork as well as to invest into a particular art piece.

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