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Jeremy Allen White: Calvin Klein’s Emblem of Timeless Masculinity

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Jeremy Allen White: Calvin Klein’s Emblem of Timeless Masculinity

Jeremy Allen White, the Emmy-nominated actor renowned for his roles in “Shameless” and “The Bear,” is making waves with his debut in Calvin Klein’s latest underwear ad campaign. Born in New York and bred in Chicago, the actor brings his captivating presence to the iconic brand’s homage to both his hometown and himself.

Captured by photographer Mert Alas, the campaign features White in a series of compelling shots on a sun-drenched rooftop, sporting Calvin Klein’s signature underwear. Whether shirtless or donning a classic white tank top reminiscent of Hollywood heartthrobs like Marlon Brando, White effortlessly embodies the brand’s emblematic style.

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In a candid interview with GQ, White humbly expressed his surprise at finding himself in a Calvin Klein campaign, stating, “Who grows up thinking, ‘Yeah, I’ll be in a Calvin Klein campaign?’” Despite his modesty, White joins the ranks of notable figures like Michael B. Jordan, Aaron Taylor Johnson, and Jacob Elordi, who have become symbols of desirable masculinity through their association with the brand.

Known for portraying complex and sometimes toxic masculinity on screen, White’s latest project is the A24 pro-wrestling film “The Iron Claw,” where he undergoes intense physical training to embody the role of Kevin Von Erich. The Calvin Klein campaign provides a glimpse into White’s connection with New York City, with the iconic skyline serving as a backdrop to the captivating visuals.

The accompanying campaign video offers a narrative that includes a slow-motion jog up a building’s staircase, a striptease into briefs, and an effortless pull-up, showcasing both White’s physical prowess and his undeniable connection to the city that never sleeps. Calvin Klein’s latest campaign solidifies Jeremy Allen White as a rising star and a symbol of timeless masculinity.

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