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Here’s the Exhibitor List for the 2019 Seattle Art Fair -ARTnews

Here's the Exhibitor List for the 2019 Seattle Art Fair -ARTnews


Here’s the Exhibitor List for the 2019 Seattle Art Fair -ARTnews


The 2018 Seattle Art Fair.


The fifth edition of the Seattle Art Fair, slated for August 1-4 at the city’s CenturyLink Field Event Center, will bring together close to 100 international galleries and include special programming focused on what a release describes as “curiosity and wonder.” Organized by Nato Thompson, the fair’s artistic director, a variety of interactive and performative art—including a kinetic sculpture by Bigert & Bergström and Stephanie Dinkins’s artificially intelligent robot—will figure in the fair. Among the other artists contributing special projects this year are Molly Crabapple, Bread Face, and Mark Gibson.

In a statement, Thompson said of his program, “We were inspired by the Wunderkammers, cabinets of curiosity from the 16th century that displayed artifacts garnered and pilfered from across the seven seas. This program ideally takes the spirit of interdisciplinarity, intersectionality, and the post-human as touchstones for a 21st century version.”

Max Fishko, Seattle Art Fair Director, added, “This milestone year is a testament to the region’s vested interest in the arts and the world’s embrace of Seattle as a viable, diverse art capital.”

The exhibitor list follows in full below.

ACA Galleries, New York
Alvarez Gallery, Stamford
Art Ventures Gallery, Menlo Park
Axiom Contemporary, Santa Monica
Barney Savage Gallery, New York
Blank Space, New York
Caviar20, Toronto
Charlie James Gallery, Los Angeles
Chosun Art Gallery, Seoul
Davidson Gallery, New York
Diane Rosenstein Gallery, Los Angeles
Dolan / Maxwell, Philadelphia
Electrum Art Gallery, New York
Elizabeth Leach Gallery, Portland
Emmanuelle G. Contemporary Art, Greenwich
ex-chamber museum, Tokyo
Feheley Fine Arts, Toronto
Forum Gallery, New York
FP Contemporary, Los Angeles
Fremin Gallery, New York
Gail Severn Gallery, Ketchum / Sun Valley
Galerie PICI, Seoul
Gallery Jones, Vancouver
Gallery Poulsen, København
Gallery Repost, Kyoto | London
Gallery Tableau, Seoul
Gerald Peters Gallery, New York
Gerald Peters Gallery Sante Fe, Sante Fe
Greg Kucera Gallery, Seattle
Hall Spassov Gallery, Seattle
Hampson Gallery, St. Petersburg
Harris Harvey Gallery, Seattle
Havoc Gallery, Burlington
Heather Gaudio Fine Art, New Canaan
Hexton | modern + contemporary, Chicago | Aspen
i.e. gallery, Edison
J. Rinehart Gallery, Seattle
Jason Haam, Seoul
James Harris Gallery, Seattle
JD Malat Gallery, London
Jeffrey Thomas Fine Art, Portland
Jill George Gallery, London
John Natsoulas Gallery, Davis
Joshua Liner Gallery, New York
Khankhalaev Gallery, Moscow
Koki Arts, Tokyo
Kuckei + Kuckei, Berlin
Linda Hodges Gallery, Seattle
Long-Sharp Gallery, Indianapolis | New York
Marloe Gallery, Brooklyn
Maybaum Gallery, San Francisco
Melissa Morgan Fine Art, Palm Desert
Miles McEnery Gallery, New York
Mindy Solomon Gallery, Miami
Muriel Guépin Gallery, New York
Nil Gallery, Paris
Ohshima Fine Art, Tokyo
Okay Spark, Norfolk
Opera Gallery, New York
Over the Influence, Los Angeles | Hong Kong
Pan American Art Projects, Miami
Patricia Rovzar Gallery, Seattle
Paul Thiebaud Gallery, San Francisco
PDX Contemporary, Portland
Peter Robertson Gallery, Edmonton
Phylogeny Contemporary, Seattle
projects+ gallery, St. Louis
Quantum Contemporary Art, London
Rebecca Hossack, London
Russo Lee Gallery, Portland
Seager Gray Gallery, Mill Valley
Season, Seattle
Seizan Gallery, New York | Tokyo
Shift Gallery, Seattle
Smith & Vallee Gallery, Edison
Somerville Manning Gallery, Wilmington
Spanierman Modern, Miami
STOA Gallery, Malaga
Stoney Road Press, Dublin
Talion Gallery, Tokyo
The Roger Project, New York
The Space, Redmond
Thierry Goldberg, New York
Timothy Yarger Fine Art, Beverly Hills
Todd Merrill Studio, New York
Traver Gallery, Seattle
Uprise Art, New York
Upsilon Gallery, New York
Vin Gallery, Hồ Chí Minh
Vivianeart, Calgary
Walter Wickiser Gallery, New York
Winston Wächter Fine Art, New York | Seattle
Woodside/Braseth Gallery, Seattle
Yufuku Gallery, Tokyo
Yuki-Sis, Tokyo
ZINC contemporary, Seattle


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