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Fourth Suspect Arrested in Berlin –

Fourth Suspect Arrested in Berlin –


Fourth Suspect Arrested in Berlin –

A month after German authorities arrested three suspects in connection with the notorious Dresden jewelry heist, police said they had made another arrest in the case: one of two twins who are currently fugitives. Dresden police spokesperson Marko Laske said that the department had detained a 21-year-old man in Berlin but did not provide further details, according to the Guardian.
When German police made the initial three arrests in November, they also released the images of two 21-year-old twins, Abdul Majed Remmo and Mohamed Remmo, who were wanted on charges of robbery and arson. The Guardian’s report, which said that those were the same charges levied against the other three suspects, stated that it was still unclear which Remmo twin was in police custody and which remained at large.

In November 2019, after creating a fire that caused some of the museum’s security systems to fail, thieves entered the Green Vault of Dresden’s Royal Palace, part of the city’s Staatliche Kunstsammlungen consortium, through a ground-floor grilled window and subsequently shattered a glass case with an axe, taking with them at least three 18th-century jewelry sets estimated to be worth some €1 billion (around $1.2 billion). After numerous police raids, authorities are still been unable to locate the stolen jewels.
Last month’s three arrests involved a suspect who was also involved in the theft of a 220-pound commemorative coin, named the “Big Maple Leaf” and estimated to be worth $4.5 million, from Berlin’s Bode Museum in 2017. That suspect was identified in German media as Wissam Remmo, 23. The Guardian has now identified him as a relative of the two Remmo twins.

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