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Charity Evening “Triumph of Good” In Support Of Children And Mothers Who Remain In Ukraine During The War

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Charity Evening “Triumph of Good” In Support Of Children And Mothers Who Remain In Ukraine During The War

On November 27, at the Grand Hotel Wien, the charity fund of Ukraine “MOM plus ME” with the support of FIORI held a charity evening “Triumph of Good”.

Triumf dobra Viden

The purpose of the event was to unite philanthropists in Vienna and raise funds for the support of children who suffered during the war and remain in Ukraine. For this purpose, almost 170 guests from Ukraine and various parts of Europe and the world gathered at the Grand Hotel Wien to help and feel unity with Ukraine.

At the event, €83,840 were collected.

The hosts of the evening were the well-known Ukrainian TV presenter Anatoliy Anatolich, the founder of the charity fund “MOM plus ME” Natalia Syvak, and producer Oleksandra Yena.

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Hosts of the evening Anatoliy Anatolich and Natalia Syvak

Also, the co-host of the auction was the founder of MG VISION CLUB Marysya Gorobets.

IMG 9128

Virtuoso composer Yevhen Khmara and singer Vlad Sytnik became specially invited guests of the evening.

Vlad Sitnik Triumf dobra1

Vlad Sytnik

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Ukrainian pianist Yevhen Khmara

The atmosphere of the evening was created by choreographer-director and member of the event’s organizing committee Olena Shoptenko accompanied by dancer Ihor Kobyuk, opera singer Zoryana Kushpler accompanied by pianist Donka Angatscheva and cellist Teodora Miteva, singer Yuliana Prado accompanied by flutist Taras Gudzelyak, pianist Anton Vertypoloh and violinist Evelina Podolyanchuk, singer Natalie Blacky and harpist Kateryna Holub, invited groups ARIES Percussion Ensemble (Czech Republic) and D’atri Ballettakademie (Austria).

Olena Shoptenko

Olena Shoptenko

Triumf dobra



In addition to the performances, the guests had the opportunity to watch an exhibition and show by ARTRAMUS and take part in a charity auction with unique lots, including: the flag of the Azov regiment with the signatures of the heroes, a glove with the autograph of the Klitschko brothers, the gold medal of Paralympic athlete Oksana Kozyna, collectible wines, etc.

IMG 5952

Gold medal of Ukrainian Paralympic athlete Oksana Kozyna

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Vlad Sytnik, Anna Grigorieva

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Designer Nadya Dzyak, entrepreneur Yevgenia Dubinska, founder of the fund Natalia Syvak

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Artist Tetyana Ramus, Natalia Syvak, host Anatoliy Anatolich

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