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Almine Rech Now Represents Closely Watched Painter Vaughn Spann -ARTnews

Vaughn Spann.


Almine Rech Now Represents Closely Watched Painter Vaughn Spann -ARTnews


Vaughn Spann.


Almine Rech, which has galleries in New York, Paris, Brussels, London, and a new space in Shanghai, now represents New Jersey–based artist Vaughn Spann.

Spann will be exclusively represented by Almine Rech through Europe and China, and the gallery will also show him in the U.S. (though not exclusively), beginning with a solo exhibition at the gallery’s New York location in January 2020. Spann remains represented by New York’s Half Gallery in the U.S., and has shown with Los Angeles’s Night Gallery.

Almine Rech has added a few other names to their roster this year, including pop artist Allen Jones, and the estate of the late Spanish painter Antoni Tàpies. Its new space in Shanghai, which it shares with Perrotin, opened on July 12, with a group show curated by art critic and curator Nicolas Trembley.

Spann, who was originally born in Florida, obtained his master of fine arts degree from Yale University. His work is mainly in paint, and his painting practice is focused on abstract and figurative expressions of his memories, as well as explorations into notions of time and space. He’s known for his “Dalmatian Paintings,” in which he paints black splotches over a white background, and a series that incorporates ethereal rainbows.

Recently, Spann was a resident at the NXTHVN program in New Haven, Connecticut. His work has been exhibited at the Newark Museum, Reginald Lewis Museum in Baltimore, and Rubell Family Collection in Miami, and belongs to collections including Beth Rudin DeWoody Collection and Rubell Family Collection in Florida, Jiménez-Colón Collection in Puerto Rico, and Credit Suisse Corporate Collection.


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