This stock could be ready to break out

This stock could be ready to break out

Rockwell Automation Inc.: “I think that Rockwell Automation is a good stock to buy. I actually think it’s about to break out of here after a prolonged period where it’s just been marking time. And I also see … a reverse head and shoulders, just in case you might be a budding technician.

PG&E Corp.: “Man, that one’s too hard for me. I never punt. I am punting on that one. That involves courts and all sorts of other stuff I don’t like.”

AT&T Inc.: “I like. I like Verizon more, but AT&T’s got a good yield and they have the cash to pay for it.”

Raytheon Co.: “I am tired of Raytheon. It didn’t help my charitable trust and I’m not gonna help it. I’m not recommending it.”

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