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This stock can benefit from Intel’s pullback

I like PayPal more, but this stock is O.K.


This stock can benefit from Intel’s pullback


Sarepta Therapeutics Inc.: “I like this company. They do really are kind of concentrated on one drug, so to speak, and I don’t like one-drug companies. So even though I think the drug is great, [don’t buy].”

Blackstone Group LP: “I’m going to have to take a pass at these levels.”

DexCom Inc.: “I like Dexcom, I like Tandem. They both are down a lot. There’s been a series of raids. People keep articulating the fact that these companies aren’t doing that well, that is untrue. I don’t know why they’re raiding them. I do think that Dexcom … is doing very well.”

HCA Holdings Inc.: “HCA is down very big, it’s part of this anti health care market, but I believe when Intel slashes its forecast because of the decline in data center, that money’s gonna roll back into HC, which we call it health care, and the natural one it will roll back into is HCA. Good pick.”

HNI Corp.: “When we think of office furniture around here, we think of Herman Miller because that is Aeron and a lot of other good things.”

Tractor Supply Co.: “Did you see that stock break out in the last few days? I like Tractor Supply so much. It is garden season and I have to hit my Tractor Supply hard. When it was a 60 to 70 we said buy, buy, buy. Why? Because we like that company’s business model. Now it’s all the way up in the 100s, but I still think it can go higher.”

Tanger Factory Outlet Centers Inc.: “I don’t know what’s happening there. I mean, the occupancy rate is still good, but they are renegotiating some deals, and the stock yields 7%, which obviously worries me. But [CEO] Steve Tanger’s a good man. Here’s what we’ll have to do: we’ll have to have him on because, you know, in good times and bad times people should like that one.”


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