Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris Catches Fire -ARTnews

Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris Catches Fire -ARTnews

The flames at Notre-Dame on Tuesday evening.


The Cathedral of Notre-Dame, one of the world’s finest examples of Gothic architecture, is currently burning in Paris. The cause of the fire is not yet known.

The New York Times reported that the cathedral’s spire had caught fire, with alarms sounded around 6:30 p.m. on Monday. The cathedral is currently undergoing renovations, and BBC News said that these efforts may have caused the blaze.

Construction on Notre-Dame began in 1160 and was largely completed by the end of the 13th century. The cathedral is prized today for its large stained-glass rose window and its rib vaulting, and it has since become one of Paris’s most iconic monuments.

As more information is made available, this post will be updated.

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