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Buy AT&T right here, right now

Neogenomics, Yeti, Nutanix and more stocks


Buy AT&T right here, right now

DocuSign: “Because it is the ultimate utility and I think that what happens, I’m not kidding, people use it and they love it and Adobe should’ve bought them. And I’ve got to tell you had Adobe bought them, I think the stock’d be flying. Adobe [is] actually coming down.”Western Digital: “Why buy Western Digital when you can buy Micron, which I think has more game?”Clearway Energy: “I like renewable energy. I think it’s a good company.”Revolve: “I like revolve, I like Etsy, O.K.? And I think both of them are good. Etsy upgraded tonight.”AT&T: “Right now. You buy it right now. You’ve got Elliott [Management] in there, those guys are incredibly good. … I think ATT is going to come and do what they want because they are so darn smart.”WATCH: Cramer’s lightning round

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