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Bogdan Trotsko is a business expert who popularised the country’s financial development

Bogdan Trotsko. Business expert, head of the Stock Market Technology Center


Bogdan Trotsko is a business expert who popularised the country’s financial development

Bogdan Trotsko is a business expert, trader, an experienced investor as well as the head of Stock Market Technology Center. For more than five years he has been making every effort to uograde Ukraine to a completely new level of financial development.

During this time, the expert has frequently been sharing his predictions about hryvnia and dollar rates, the price stocks of the leading world companies and other financial assets. Bogdan Trotsko is often invited to speak with the media, where he gives his opinion about reforms in the country, political and economical situations. and the most important thing is that he gives useful advice to his viewers. 

Bogdan Trotsko: the financier recommends profitable business model

Thanks to Bogdan Trotsko, his clients earned over 10 million dollars in 2018

Bogdan Trotsko’s unique business model gives him and his clients a considerable profit. According to business experts, in 2018 his company managed to earn a profit over 10 million dollars for clients. 

Bogdan Trotsko is not just highly qualified expert in this area of investment, he is the head of a successful company which encompass a group of specialists dedicated to distributing knowledge about investments and unique opportunities in a financial market. The financialist has repeatedly noted, that he trained  every spesialist himself. 

The slogan “Rich people – rich company”, was one Bogdan generously passed around and advertised. A business expert helps to build the future and to strengthen the faith in their customers’ lives.

Ad a successful financiar, he is also the  author of more than 1000 articles, 100 seminars and workshops on financial literacy, financial market, trading, hryvnia and dollar rates, and also modern tools of income and creating sources of passive income. It is worth emphasizing that all these events are carried out by a business expert and his team absolutely free.

Bogdan Trotsko: a business expert will help to make a breakthrough in business

Bogdan Trotsko. Financier who created the unique Batman strategy

Applying his trading skills from the industry’s most notable gurus and leading financier Bogdan Trotsko is a breakthrough in the business of financial markets. Online, he generated a generous amount of positive feedback from satisfied customers who have been trained or attended events of Bogdan Trotsko. The financier is sure that the secret of his trading strategy’s success is that it combines fundamental and technical knowledge about the market combined with the psychology of market participants with modern computer technologies. 

The author called this system in honor of the superhero – the Batman trading system. Periodically collecting traders’ halls in personal workshops, he demonstrates the success of his business model. The efficiency of profitable transactions of the strategy for a novice trader who has been trained is 70-80%, which is at least 5% of monthly income in foreign currency, says Bogdan Trotsko. As a business expert is constantly improving their offspring. 

On Bogdan Trotsko’s personal website, in his blog, you will find a lot of useful information for a novice trader and investor, recommendations on financial planning and portfolio investment, and business ideas for 2019.

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