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Amileader: quick launch of business on the Internet

Amileader - an off-the-shelf solution for business


Amileader: quick launch of business on the Internet

Amileader system is a proprietary development of Amillidius company for launching businesses on the Web. As Bill Gates said back in the 1990s,  “If your business is not on the Internet, then your business will be out of business.” We couldn’t put it better as if the information about your company or product is not on Google, the prospective customers will be oblivious about you and leave for competitors. This problem has become especially pressing when the Covid-crisis began. Over 30% of the entrepreneurs around the world went bankrupt. Most of them are businesses that were not properly presented on the Web. Meanwhile, those who consistently and correctly transferred their business online managed to survive or even grow. If you want to join the latter, you need Amileader.

Start to earn on the Internet fast and easy with Amileader

Business technology Amileader

To bring your business to the Internet is not an easy thing to do. This is a result of the long work of different specialists and considerable financial contributions. This is the reason why the companies that attempted to do it on their own, gained little to no result and closed down. The experts from Amillidius company have been developing the Amileader system for several years, while they were working with the customers from different industries. Amileader is unparalleled – it is a unique technology, based on the real-life experience of the top-notched team. Amileader can promote any business on the Internet with reasonable costs and during a short period of time.

Amileader will promote any business

Amileader is something any business needs, regardless of the industry. If Google “sells” your company appropriately, it will evoke the trust of the prospective customers, partners, vendors, subcontractors, and, respectively, will boost your sales and profit.

Amileader fits for any industry

Amileader teaches Google to sell the company and product correctly. It takes the effort of many specialists. The work of the marketing experts, journalists, CEO and creative specialists, designers, and other Amillidius specialists, as well the efficient collaboration and cooperation with the search systems and popular international platforms have delivered Amileader – a hi-tech product in the area of Internet advertising. The basic Amileader package includes 10 articles, presenting the brand’s favourable features. They are created in line with the marketing and Google search engine requirements, placed on the international partner sites, and taken by the Amillidius experts to the top of Google search results. It provides a necessary minimum for the efficient work of your business on the Web, that Amileader delivers for you.

How Amileader system works

What is Amileader

When your business is set up according to the Amileader system, your prospective partners, customers, and vendors google the name of your company or product on the Internet and see on the Google first page many positive and selling information. They follow the links and read the articles that speak about the company or the product favourably. It shapes the trust of prospective customers and stimulates them to make a purchase. The more articles, photo and video the first Google pages have, the higher the trust of the customers, partners, and vendors. And these are the foundation of the business on the Web. If there is no foundation or it is built incorrectly, any type of advertising – context, targeting, partner or agent systems, commercials, or exterior offline ads – will produce no result. Without Amileader, you will be just blowing your funds.

If your business is not presented properly on the Internet, you have poor sales, or you want to launch a new product but don’t know how to do it, start your business online with the new technology-savvy advertising system Amileader.

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